Introduced Plant List - Black Hill

*Acacia iteaphylla
Flinders Ranges wattle

Rare, Vulnerable or Endangered in parts of its natural range in west of the State, it has become a weed species in the Adelaide Hills.

Biodiveristy Queensland have a good fact sheet on this plant.

Black Hill Conservation Park
4 May 2014

*Aira caryophyllea/cupaniana
silvery hair grass

Thanks to Harry Rose, used under creative commons 2.0

*Allium triquetrum (.pdf 152kbyte)
three cornered garlic

*Anagallis arvensis
this comes in two forms, one with orange (scarlet) flowers and one with blue.

*Apium graveolens

Celery, Morialta 2 December 2020

*Arctotheca calendula

Black Hill Conservation Park 2012.

*Gomphocarpus cancellatus
cotton bush


Asclepias sp.
Cotton bush

*Asphodelus fistulosus
onion weed

Asclepias sp.
Onion Weed

*Avena barbata
bearded oat

Asclepias sp.
Wild oats or bearded oats

*Briza maxima
large quaking grass

Asclepias sp.
Large quaking-grass
Black Hill Conservation Park, 18 September 2011

*Briza minor
lesser quaking grass

Asclepias sp.
Lesser quaking oats

*Bromus diandrus

Showing green seed head of Jabbers
Jabbers, Black Hill Conservation Park
21 October 2009

*Bromus rubens
red brome

*Carthamus lanatus
saffron thistle

*Centaurium erythraea
common centaury

*Centranthus ruber
red valerian (pictured)

Centranthus ruber
Red Valerian (white flowered form)

*Chamaecytisus palmensis
tree lucerne

*Chasmanthe floribunda
Aunt Eliza, African corn-flower

Chasmanthe floribunda
Aunt Eliza, African Corn-flower)

*Chrysanthemoides monilifera
bone seed

Chrysanthemoides monilifera

*Chlorophytum comosum
spider plant

*Convolvulus arvensis
field bindweed

*Cynosurus echinatus
rough dogs tail grass

*Cynara cardunculus
Artichoke Thistle (pictured)

Cynara cardunculus
Artichoke Thistle

*Dactylis glomerata

*Echium plantagineum
Salvation Jane

*Ehrhartia longifolia (.pdf 145kbyte)
annual veldt grass

Annual Veldt Grass

*Foeniculum vulgare
fennel (pictured)

Foeniculum vulgare

*Fraxinus angustifolia subsp. angustifolia
desert ash

desert ash
Desert Ash,
Black Hill Conservation park
November 2015

*Freesia hybrid

*Fumaria spp. (.pdf 270kbyte)

*Galium aparine

*Genista monspessulana
montpelier broom, french broom, cape broom

montpelier broom
monpelier broom,

*Gladiolus undulatus
wild gladiolus

*Holcus lanatus
Yorkshire fog

*Homeria flaccida
one leaf Cape tulip

*Homeria miniata
two leaf Cape tulip

Homeria sp.
Cape Tulip

*Hypericum perforatum
St Johns wort

*Hyparrhenia hirta
coolatai grass

*Hypochaeris radicata
rough catsear

*Juncus subnodulosis
blunt flowered rush

*Kickxia commutata

*Lathyrus latifolius
tangier pea, perennial pea

Tangier Pea leaflet produced for Morialta Blitz Days 2011.
Low-res PDF (221 kbyte)
Higher res PDF 1.5Mbyte)

*Linum trigynum
French flax

*Misopates orontium
lesser snapdragon

*Monadenia bracteata
an African orchid

*Myrsiphyllum asparagoides
bridal creeper (pictured)

Myrsiphyllum asparagoides
Bridal Creeper

*Nicotiana glauca
tree tobacco

*Oleo europea ssp europea

*Pallensis spinosa
gold pallensis

*Parentucellia latifolia
red bartsia

*Pentaschistis pallida
pussy tail

*Pinus halepensis
Aleppo pine

*Piptatherum miliaceum
rice millet

*Plantago lanceolata var. lanceolata
rib grass

*Rapistrum rugosum ssp. rugosum
turnip weed

*Romulea minutiflora
lesser Guildford grass

*Romulea rosea
Guildford grass

*Rorippa nasturtium-aqaticum

*Rosa canina
dog rose (pictured)

Rosa canina
Dog Rose

*Rubus ulmifolius var. ulmifolius
blackberry (pictured)

Rubus ulmifolius var. ulmifolius

*Sagina apetala
common pearl wort

*Scabiosa atropurpurea
purple pincushion

*Senecio mikanioides
Cape ivy

*Senecio pterophorus var. pterophorus
African daisy (pictured)

Senecio pterophorus var. pterophorus
African Daisy

*Sherardia arvensis
field madder

*Solanum linnaeanum
apple of Sodom

*Solanum nigrum
blackberry nightshade

Solanum linnaeanum
Blackberry nightshade

*Sparaxis tricolor
tricolor harlequin flower

*Stellaria media

Stellaria media

*Taraxacum officinale

*Tolpis barbata

*Tragopogon porrifolius
salsify (pictured)

*Trifolium angustifolium
narrow leaf clover

*Trifolium arvense var. arvense
haresfoot clover

*Trifolium campestre
hop clover

*Urospermum picroides
false hawkbit

*Valerianella muricata

*Verbascum virgatum
twiggy mullein (pictured)

Verbascum virgatum
Twiggy mullein

*Vicia sativa ssp. sativa
golden tare


*Vinca major
blue periwinkle


*Vulpia sp.
fescue grass

Vulpia myuros
Rat's tail fescue. Wildflower Garden 27 August 2020

*Zaluzianskya divaricata
spreading night phlox


*Zantedeschia aethiopica
arum lily

Arum Lily, photo from Horsnell Gully.


This list is based on the work of R.Taplin; 19 September 1995, with subsequent additions from the Friends of Black Hill and Morialta Inc.

Page last updated 9 March 2021 - some extra photos added.

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