Colonial Track Project Site Description

Colonial Track Project stretches along Colonial Track from Gate 12 on Colonial Drive, past the Track 35 intersection all the way downstream to Third Falls Track.

It contains three main habitat types.

  1. Stringbark complex on south facing slopes.
  2. Riparian Habitat along creek line. Upper creek is winter flowing, lower creek is known to flow all year round in some years.
  3. Grassy woodland, as a result of prior land use.
The mix of habitats creates a complex habitat supporting high numbers of birds and plants as well as common mammals and reptiles.

Current aims of the site:

  1. Elimination of watsonia from the creekline
  2. Elimination of willows from creekline
  3. Containment of the high priority weed muraltia furze
  4. Patrolling of sites cleared of woody weeds with better bush
  5. Performing sweeps through areas where primary treatment of woody weeds has been completed with the long term aim of eliminating woody weeds. Target plants include broom, gorse, hawthorn, blackberry and African daisy.

Documented Site History

Gate 12 to Gate 13 on Colonial Drive
Gate 13 to Gate 14 on Colonial Drive
Eastern Bearded Dragon in defence posture
Eastern Bearded Dragon, gate 13 to 14 site,
November 2019
Gorse Corner - the area opposite Heysen trail Bootscraper across the creek from gate 14
Green Army site upstream from M09 to Bootscraper
Echidna captured on infrared wildlife camera
Echinda, Green Army upstream site, April 2018
M09 - Also known as Pine Corner

  Muraltia Community Day 2019
Muraltia Community Day, M09, Sept 2019.

Tree popper lying on pile of broom
Piles of broom removed at M09 community day,
Sept 2019.
Muraltia Community Day 2019 holding whole Muraltia plant
Muraltia talk, M09, Community day Sept 2019

Green Army site downstream from M09 to Third Falls Track.

***Last major flood event September 2016
Muraltia works have been performed on and off as funding permits through the entire area since 1994

Colonial Track Project Report - 2019

Our first Colonial Track bushcare event focused on the removal of broom seedlings in the Gate 14 burn site to allow natural re-vegetation to occur. In addition to the bushcare event in January, many others have worked through the Gate 14 area removing these seedlings this year:

Our second Colonial Track bushcare event in September was a community event focused on educating community about the weed Muraltia. It was a highly successful event with 36 volunteers coming along to an area of the site known as "M09". Volunteers removed muraltia and broom, cut and swabbed gorse, blackberry and small patches of watsonia.

In addition to works on the ground by volunteers NRM grant funding allowed further watsonia control works following up from 2017 and 18 and Muraltia control works in all 9 known Muraltia sites in the project area.

working bee October 2019
2019 map showing watsonia treatment
and post burn works
Volunteers working on the site
Volunteers working at the M09 community day, Sept 2019.
working bee July 2019
FOBHM volunteer working on gate 13 to 14 site,
July 2019
working bee October 2019
Before photo of broom, gate 13 to 14 site, July 2019.
working bee October 2019
YATZ removing broom, gate 13 to 14 site, Sept 2019.

Site last updated 12 May 2020
More detail added to the site history.

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