Craspedia sp. in Black Hill, Morialta and Horsnell Gully Conservation Parks


Craspedia variabilis
Craspedia variabilis
31 August 2003.



Tbe name Craspedia comes from the Greek word, kraspedon, a hem or border; which is a reference to the woolly fringes on the leaves of the type species.

Small annual or perennial plant with a rosette of leaves at the base and dense, button, compound flowers held on the ends of a long stalk.

Craspedia variabilis
Bachelors buttons, common billybuttons

Craspedia variabilis
Craspedia variabilis
21 September 2003

Not surprisingly, variabilis means that is is variable or diverse. It is generally an annual herb, but it can persist for a second year. The leaves form a basal rosette, and are about 4 to 20cm long and 6 to 18mm wide. Sometimes the leaves wither before the plant comes into flower.

This plant was previously known as Craspedia glauca.

The compound yellow flowerheads are about 1.5 to 3.5cm in diameter and held on stems up to 50cm tall.

The flowerinng period is from October to March.



Craspedia variabilis
Craspedia variabilis
4 Octobert 2003




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Sources: eFlora of South Australia, Encyclopeadia of Australian Plants.

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