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Occasionally, Friends, and other interested people send me photos of what they have seen in the Parks.

This page is dedicated to them, and as time allows, I will post photos relating to the Parks from both members and non-members, so that the wider community may enjoy them.

Please remember the photographs are the work of the people who took them, and they are subject to copyright. Please respect this, and contact the owner if you wish to copy or use the photographs.

Click on the image to see more of Dan's work.
see Dan's imagesDan's images, contact Dan by email DANiMATiONS

Click on the image to see more of Raxley's work.

see Raxley's imagesRaxley's images, contact Raxley by email

Click on the image to see more of Andrew's work.

see Andrew's imagesAndrew's images, contact Andrew by email

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