Millotia sp. in Black Hill and Morialta Conservation Parks


Millotia tenuifolia
Millotia tenuifolia
October 2000


The name Millotia is named after a French historian, Claude Francois Xavier Millot.

These are small annual herbs. There are 10 species, 5 of which are endemic to Southern Australia.


Millotia tenuifolia
soft millotia

Tenuifolia means with slender leaves.

This is a small annual plant, growing to about 12cm tall with golden hairs.

Millotia tenuifolia
Millotia tenuifolia
October 2000

The flowers are about 5mm across. The base of the flower 4 to 7 mm long.

This species is also found in Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

The photos shown on this page were taken in the propagation area of one of the Friends of Black Hill and Morialta Inc.

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Sources: eFlora of South Australia, Encyclopeadia of Australian Plants.

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