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Traditional Owners The Kaura people are acknowledged as the Traditional Owners of the Adelaide plains, including the area now known as Morialta Conservation Park.

There are various explanations of the origins of the word Morialta. Consensus is that it is a corruption of a Kaurna word. This is where this disagreement. Some records say that the word was Moriatta, meaning everflowing, or mari yertalla, meaning eastern cascade. The research Graham Lewis has done, drew him to the conclusion that the original word was Marriyarta, a reference to land above the falls, where Colonial Drive now runs.

Find out more about the name "Morialta" here.

1847 John Baker purchased the land above the falls, and subsequently built Morialta House and Morialta barns.
25 December 1870 An account in the Register newspaper indicates even then, the shady gullies (including Morialta Gorge) of the Adelaide foothills were popular destinations to seek reprieve from the heat of the Adelaide plains in summer.
1911 John Smith Reid offered to donate part of this land as a national reserve.
15 July 1915Morialta was proclaimed a pleasure resort.
26 June 1980Major Flood. Destroying much of the infrastructure.
28 August 1986 The Friends of Black Hill and Morialta hold their inaugural meeting.
1987 The Friends of Black Hill and Morialta have their first planting event on Olive Hill in Morialta Conservation Park.
2005 Another Flood event.


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