Morialta Conservation Park

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First Falls

Taken on 13 September 2009, after average winter rains. Although it was a pleasant day, there were showers overnight.

We were in the Park with the Nature Conservation Society for SA leading 'Walks with Nature'. We were leading some long walksm but as only a few walkers turned up, we were free to go for a walk by ourselves with the camera.

This little video and photos were taken on on a compact still camera. It requires Quicktime to view.

About First Falls

First Falls is about 23 metres high, and has developed where faulting has caused the softer Saddleworth Formation to be adjacent to the Undalya Quartzite, which is highly resistant to erosion.

Once the falls developed over the faulted zone, erosion in the pool at the base has resulted in the exposure of quartzite.

Second Falls

The 15 metre drop created at the Second Falls is the result of the Fourth Creek eroding the softer shale layers and undercutting the beds of resistant quartzite.

Third Falls

The 13 metre drop of the Third Falls was created in the same manner as the Second Falls, with the creek eroding the layes of shale and undercutting quartzite beds over time.


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