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Small ferns.



From the Greek aplenon, the name give to a fern considered to be a cure for diseases of the spleen. There are about 650 species internatitonally, with 26 species found in Australia We have only one species listed in our Parks.

Asplenium flabellifolium

necklace fern

The name flabellifolium means with fan-shaped leaves. One can see the tiny leaflets making up the fronds are similar to the shape of a lady's old fashioned hand held fan.

Growing only up to about 20cm tall, each plant has only a few fronds, but colonies can form as the tips of the fronds may form new plants where they touch the ground,.

Small ferns.


From the Greek pleura, rib or side and sorus, a heap. This is a reference to the way the spore producing parts are streched along the veins on the backs of the leaves.

There are only 4 or 5 species in this genus, with only 2 species occuring in Australia We have only one species listed in our Parks. This genus comprises of small hairy ferns.

Pleurosaurus rutifolius

blanket fern or Clubbed Blanket fern

The name rutifolius means with leaves like the genus Ruta. (this genus include the common rue, Ruta graveolens).

Fronds growing up to about 18cm long, often growing in rock crevices and in the shelter of large rocks. The species is wide spread in Australia, and is also found in New Zealand. It is said that the fronds are able to become green again after drying out and going brown.

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