Ptilotus species in Black Hill Conservation Park


Ptilotus erubescens

Ptilotus erubescens
mulla mullas, pussy tails

Ptilotus sp.
Hairy heads or Hairy tails

Small perennial or annual tufted herbs with creeping rhizomes. Most of the 100 or so species are found in north and western Australia. One species occurs in southern Malaysia. We have two species on the plant lists for Black Hill and Morialta Conservation Parks. The name Ptilotus is said to be Greek for feathery or winged, referring to the flowerheads.

Texts indicate Ptilotus may be susceptible to the fungus Phytophthora cinnamomi.

Ptilotus erubescens
hairy tails, or hairy heads.

This plant is rated as rare.

The name means turning red.
It is inconspicous when not in flower and looks like a sort of grass and grows about half a metre tall.

These photos were taken 14 January 2002 in Black Hill Conservation Park.

Ptilotus erubescens
Ptilotus erubescens.
Ptilotus erubescens
Ptilotus erubescens.
close up

Ptilotus spathulatus (Prev. Ptilotus spathulatus form spathulatus but this name is only used for interstate form)
pussy tails or cats paws.

The name means spoon-shaped, which is a reference to the leaves. It grows around half a metre tall with yellow-green to grey-green flowers from August to March.

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Updated 18 February 2012

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